SaaS’s hidden gem — Communities

The SaaS industry is growing tremendously thanks to the versatility, affordability, quick implementation & flexibility of these solutions. There is so much happening in this space that there are multiple sources out there you might need to follow to keep yourself updated on SaaS news, trends and information.

Communities have been there for a long time. Salesforce Trailblazer Community is the best example for a tech community, closely followed by the likes of Microsoft and IBM.

Of late, we have a rise in SaaS communities around the world. It is heavily speculated that they are the next big thing in the market and community selling is what SaaS companies are looking to leverage.

While the recent acquisition of The Hustle by Hubspot created a buzz about the Community approach being a potential game changer in SaaS Marketing, it is interesting to note that Outreach acquired Sales Hacker back in Aug’18. So, this cements the fact the SaaS communities are here to stay.

We chose to strike the iron when it is red hot and put together a list of general SaaS communities from across the world catering to the audiences worldwide. You will learn what each of the communities do and why you could potentially follow them so that you get a better picture of what is happening in the market.


Hosting 5 major global events namely, SaaStr Build, SaaStr Enterprise, SaaStr Money, SaaStr Annual and SaaStr Scale, it is a dream and honour for anyone in SaaS to talk at their event.

Without a community, you are simply a commodity .

Sangram Vajre, Co-founder at Terminus


Watch out for their remote and global events. SaaStockRemote, SaaStockBlueprint, SaaStockLatAm Online, SaaStockEMEA Online, SaaStockAPAC Online. With life slowly, but steadily coming back to normal, we are eagerly waiting for their physical events to start.

Watch Alexander Theuma (Founder and CEO, SaaStock) express his thoughts on the future of SaaS Communities


New age brand building is no more about million dollar billboards and ads. Community unlocks a whole new inbound marketing channel that helps B2B SaaS companies build brand and in turn drive exponential growth. Community drives two way engagement with your customers like no other marketing channel.

Yasasree Nerayanuri, Director of Customer Marketing and Community, Freshworks

SaaS Industry

SaaS Community

Smart companies were always big on communities. So many SaaS companies fail because of no market need. Building your own community while you are building your product is important. While other marketing channels will not be disrupted because of community marketing, communities best work for retention, loyalty, engagement, and advancing relations.

Natalie Luneva, CMO of DepositFix and Podcast Host of SaaS Boss

Cloud Software Association

SaaS Insider

Community has always been the most important. It’s just that now it’s the only defensible moat your business has. Competitors can hire your developers, and rip off your code. They can easily get capital to do it. Today, your community is your only moat. It’s the only asset.

Nathan Latka, Founder of and Founderpath for SaaS companies

A big shoutout to all the contributing team members of these communities that strive day & night to help us know more about SaaS.

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